Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML & AI)

Turn your information into intelligence

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You're drowning in data. We help you ask the right questions that cut through the noise, using the power of machine learning to extract the insights that propel your business forward

At Daemon Solutions, we take a data-first approach with our clients. We start by defining the most burning questions for your business. The ones that drive your strategic decision-making. What data do you need to guide you? What insights can catapult you ahead of the competition?

Our ML and AI solutions will help you harness the power of prediction and build the next generation of intelligent products and services. We help harvest the insights from your data, illuminating micro-patterns in consumer preferences or highlighting unexpected connections between variables. This intelligence can be applied to a diverse array of contexts, ranging from solving your scheduling challenges to personalizing content preferences to forecasting inventory requirements.

Data Analytics

We help you get on top of your data. First, we help you build and manage your data lake, finding storage solutions that are reliable, organized, efficient and secure. Then we design, build and integrate a data pipeline that flows seamlessly from one corner of your business to the other. Finally, putting your data to work means designing dynamic dashboards that enable analysis in real-time. We understand the full spectrum of data from Cloud to DevOps.

Understand and Discover

We help you and your teams understand the basics of machine learning and AI, so you can navigate your way through the buzzwords. As we transfer knowledge to your business teams and engineering teams, we do a deep dive into your organisation's data to discover what you can do with it. We report to you the highlights of our findings and identify several scenarios of how ML/AI can be applied to solve your current business challenges.

Prove it

Now you get to see machine learning models and algorithms in action, and get a taste of their potential impact on your business through a proof of concept. We design and build it for you. Then, we help you measure the difference it makes to determine if it's worth rolling out more broadly.

Build, Model and Run

We build the full cycle of machine learning & AI products. From data gathering, data cleaning, data analysis, data pipeline. We build, train and test your models. Then we deploy and integrate them with your products. Finally, all through the process we build the capabilities of your teams to ensure you can sustainably manage your data going forward.