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DevOps is about people, process and technology working together in harmony

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DevOps isn’t magical enterprise fairy dust and it’s not just a technology, process or a standard.

But it is a powerful way to break down silos, get people working better together and to deliver great experiences to customers.

Is there ‘one right way’ to build a DevOps culture? We don’t believe so. But we do believe there are good practices, processes and techniques to help you on your way. That starts with listening and understanding.

Like any transformation there needs to be a driver that triggers the desire for change. That need varies from business to business so we spend time understanding the challenges your business is facing and getting to know your culture and the people.

DevOps is not a one-off goal, but a continuous cycle of learning and improvement. When done well the benefits are clear - for technology that’s stability, quality and speed of deployment. And for your people it’s highly engaged teams, flexibility resulting in true agility and delivery at pace.

Our Services

DevOps Assessment

A short sharp review of where you are to identify the key challenges and opportunities.

DevOps Technology Transformation

We’ll identify ways to improve technology delivery find the ‘right size’ and approach for you to transform your technology solutions to adopt DevOps automation.

Full DevOps Transformation

We’ll help you with the move you to a modern IT delivery organisation, including transformation of Technology, Delivery Processes and Organisational change. Our incubator approach will take your people through this change leaving you with motivated and capable DevOps teams.

Ongoing DevOps Measurement

We’ll implement metrics & measurement to understand the success of your IT delivery and with a series of ongoing assessments help to identify opportunities for improvement.

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