Putting your pies in the skies

We’ve taken groceries out of the ‘on premises’ machine room and into the cloud for a top supermarket - a game changer for cost and agility.

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Retailing is exciting.  We all use it for food, clothing and some of us guitars.

The recent focus on portfolio rationalization and severe cost management has put the emphasis on algorithms and machines. Daemon believes in the the human touch. Our consultants are humans and friendly as well as being experts in their fields. We can help you through the architecture, testing and implementation of your retail and warehouse systems at your own premises and in the cloud.

Moving to the cloud is one of those ‘wish we’d done this before’ moments that happens in all our lives. It often takes someone who’s done it before to get the ball moving and before you know it you are reaping the benefits. Daemon can help you get there and make the most of it.

What we do for Retailers

Cloud Migration

The Exodus is happening. Living with the limitations of a machine room is a thing of the past as retailers move to the cloud. Putting a large online product catalogue into AWS as we have done for a major supermarket gave them infrastructure savings, and the opportunity to analyse huge amounts of data with the cloud’s vast resources. We can help you get there.

Supply Chain Excellence

Source to sell is no longer a straight path to profitability. Getting to grips with the ever changing ways customers want to purchase and receive your products puts strain on all aspects of your omni channel life. Excellence is ever evolving. Daemon can help your business make the most of the digital world

Digital Product Development

A large supermarket chain wanted to turn its data into useful information about customer demand and put it directly in the hands of its store workers and managers. Daemon designed and built an application which was quickly adopted by thousands of colleagues across 1500 stores and voted the best in-store application in the organisation!
“Daemon have successfully helped us to architect solutions, design and interpret volume and performance testing, and get our depots going”

Lead Product Manager at major supermarket

Client story

High Street Health Food

A long established high street health food retailer with hundreds of stores and employees faced intricate and complex challenges for both its business and IT. A major focus was the promotions strategy and mechanics, which had grown organically into a difficult to manage state of affairs. It was not clear what the effect of each promotion was on the company’s bottom line.


It's all a mesh

A chain has a nice sequential set of links that hold it together. One break or weakness in a single link and the whole chain is compromised - if it breaks you’ll have two pieces and two extra loose ends. Life’s not quite so linear now - collaboration is key.

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Automated warehousing

It can feel like the machines are taking over. Millions of pounds are being spent on taking us humans out of the picture when it comes to warehousing. More and more clever robotic systems are being developed to help: receive, putaway, store, pick and retrieve goods. How long before driverless trucks?

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The white shirt journey

As a consumer or worker in retail have you ever wondered how the products in store and online get to you? Let’s take the basic white shirt, the “back to school white shirt”. It’s instore and online all year round and then en masse from July until September. How does it get there?

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