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“DevOps is a culture based on collaboration and communication between software developers and other IT professionals where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.”

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At Daemon Solutions we believe that DevOps in its purest form is an entire organisation pulling in the same direction to rapidly deliver high quality software products to market quickly whilst reducing costs.

DevOps is the solution that is delivering positive results across a wide range of enterprises including retail, finance and travel. While some describe DevOps as potentially complex and not a quick fix, it is a way of working that is being readily embraced throughout many sectors and undoubtedly by your competition.

The key challenge for any enterprise is how to implement DevOps without disrupting existing development projects.
Collaborate + communicate = cohesive working and competitive advantage

Collaborate + communicate = cohesive working and competitive advantage

Historically, enterprise organisations have worked in silos, with software developers working separately to operational support teams. DevOps, by its very nature, disrupts these silos and requires all teams to collaborate, communicate and work in a more cohesive way. Although DevOps may seem complex, Daemon Solutions makes implementation simple, guiding you through the journey to deliver a unified and comprehensive outlook for employees that translates into an overall competitive advantage for your business.

Everyone Benefits with DevOps

Everyone benefits with DevOps

At Daemon Solutions, we work with you to ensure a DevOps solution is implemented that aligns with your business strategy, customer requirements and overall infrastructure legacy. We can’t promise you won’t have to embrace some enterprise change, instead we can ensure we will give you the ability to introduce a process of iterative change and relevant automation to allow continuous and more rapid delivery. This will keep your business relevant, delight your customers and your staff and ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Ultimately DevOps should optimise your end-to-end delivery lifecycle and we can achieve this by utilising our proven agile approach: Assess – Discover – Deliver.
Maturity Assessment
Maturity Assessment
Maturity Assessment

Enterprise Experience:

Multi-national Travel & Tourism Group

  • Challenge:
    Large complex software releases had an end to end delivery time of 9+ months, which did not meet business goals. This had an adverse impact on quality with inconsistent environments and no uniform deployment approach plus considerable time and effort lost due to errors, manual process and test duplication.
  • Solution:
    Daemon Solutions performed an end to end review of current capability, including technical solutions, to define future state. Daemon took ownership of the programme of work to implement DevOps and drive business benefits

    A 6 week discovery phase reviewed the current delivery model, (including technology, tools, process and organisation). This identified all of the problem statements and the capture of metrics for the current delivery model. The final part included the definition of the technical DevOps solution, identification of quick wins, a roadmap and plan to deliver against that.

    Daemon’s solution covered four key areas:
  1. Infrastructure as code - including cloud adoption
  2. Software configuration management – implementation of the toolchain including Git, Jenkins, Sonar and Nexus to build delivery pipelines
  3. Deployment automation - using Ansible to automate deployment
  4. Test automation - using selenium to drive a script-less testing framework

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