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“At Daemon Solutions we’re here to support your Cloud journey from inception all the way through to business as usual. ”

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Recent years have seen the number and scale of Cloud migration and wholesale adoption programs accelerate significantly  

No longer is Cloud computing reserved for SME’s and start-ups, nor is it only trusted for development and test environments, with large numbers of Enterprise organisations investing heavily in Cloud for their core line of business applications and production environments.

The benefits of Cloud computing are widely known, with cost savings and efficiencies frequently and heavily publicised, and for good reason.  Whether these come through businesses simply leveraging the vast economies of scales Cloud providers benefit from, the built-in resilience and redundancy Cloud services offer or the ability to only pay for what you use, there are several areas to explore in the search for savings.

It’s important to remember however, that without the appropriate controls, processes and policies in place, the freedoms and flexibilities that Cloud computing offers can quickly lead to enormous proliferation and spiralling costs
Collaborate + communicate = cohesive working and competitive advantage
At Daemon Solutions we’re here to support your Cloud journey from inception all the way through to business as usual

Our experienced consultants can work with you to assess your Cloud environment, building out a program of work for the evolution and optimisation of your Cloud estate, ensuring that your systems are not just meeting your performance and security needs, but are also gentle on your bottom line. 

Alternatively, our Managed Service offering will give you piece of mind without the administration headache.  Let us monitor your Cloud estate day to day with remediation actions either being escalated to your internal teams, or better still our highly skilled technical team co-ordinating with your support
and operation functions to make necessary changes quickly and effectively.

Enterprise Experience:

  • Challenge:

    Like many organisations Daemon Solutions manage and operate infrastructure and services across a number of AWS accounts in order to meet the differing billing and security needs of specific business functions.  Additionally, within many of these accounts the environment has been further divided across multiple VPC’s.  Following architecture standards, segregated VPC’s have been defined for production, development and numerous customer / proof of concept environments as well as to control both network and user access.

    Whilst this design meets the technical and security
    requirements of each application well, as the size of the environments and the team responsible for their implementation and operations grow, the ability to track usage, allocate costs across internal codes and ensure cost efficiencies becomes a challenge.
  • Solution:

    To address these challenges Daemon enabled each of its AWS accounts for its newly developed Cloud Cost Optimisation as a Service platform,
    including connecting to the Cloudcheckr service component.

    Following an initial assessment period, a significant number of recommendations were identified, including:

    Significant instance re-sizing for a number of

    Transfer of reserved instances to spot instances
    for non-critical systems

    Improved scheduled maintenance tasks for the
    shutdown of instances during hours of non-operation

    Removal of backup’s exceeding stated retention

    Shutdown of instances no longer in use


    Following the work carried out Daemon have benefited in the following areas:
  1. 18% - 20% reduction in monthly AWS costs
  2. Reduction in managed instances
  3. Improved governance
  4. Improved alignment with best practices

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