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Here at Daemon Solutions Ltd we have a deep extensive knowledge around the SDLC
and Cloud Computing.

Managed Hosting
Performance Tuning
Migration Strategies for tooling

Full Atlassian Coverage

The whole suite of Atlassian Products are covered with our expertise of how to maximise the use of the tools or provide integrations into your existing toolsets.

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Atlassian Services

Daemon + Atlassian = Success

We can aid in the planning and migrating of your current tooling systems, and because each client is different we ensure we work with you.  Work includes aiding in re-structuring of the your organisation as well as the technical aspects of migration.
Our in-depth knowledge of DevOps and Agile Coaches ensures that we can help you become a more responsive and automated Company, increasing your teams productivity.
We are also partners with AWS and so we have the ability to utilise design and implement pilot/showcase projects quickly and with minimal upfront costs to infrastructure.
Our objective isn’t just about the tools for you; it's about how your company is going to maximise the tools and move to a more responsive and dynamic approach of delivery.

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